Stress and Elemental Reset Study

Lower Your Stress Levels - Invitation to Participate

Stress is a huge issue for many people’s health and wellbeing and also for companies, organisations and the broader society. Our brains were not designed to cope with many modern day challenges. On top of the usual challenges of modern life, many people feel overwhelmed by world events such as the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Stress manifests itself in many different ways in our bodies, minds and habits, and the need to find solutions to this has never been greater. 


We are looking for study participants!


We are looking for volunteers for a study that examines the effectiveness of a newly developed self-care routine called Elemental Reset, on stress, compared to a control group. Elemental Reset is a self-care routine based on new stress research and Chinese Medicine; it is easy and very effective to apply.


We are seeking a total of approximately 30 participants who will be divided into two groups to compare: One group will be trained in the Elemental Reset techniques during a 2 hour online class, and perform the reset once a day for about approximately 6 minutes. The second group, the control group, will not perform the reset but simply sit quietly with no distractions for six minutes per day.       


The study will run for 3 phases of 3 weeks late spring and summer 2022: During the first phase, you will only need to fill in two short questionnaires at the start. The second phase is where participants will learn the techniques and apply them daily for all 3 weeks. This is a one-time commitment of approximately two hours’ training in Elemental Reset followed by a six-minute daily practice for two thirds of the participants. No training required for the control group (one third of the participants), but at the end of the study they will be invited to take part in the Elemental Reset free of charge. The third and final phase will only involve filling in the same two questionnaires at the end. 


We are looking for volunteers who meet the following criteria:

  • Aged between 18 and 80

  • Live in the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia.

  • Experiencing a considerable level of stress and/or stress related physical or mental symptoms. 

  • Not pregnant 

  • Not suffering from any serious medical condition. 

  • Willing to keep other types of treatments to an absolute minimum (such as acupuncture, therapy, craniosacral therapy etc) and not make notable changes to your existing self-care routines (medication, exercise, supplements, yoga, meditation, sleep patterns) for the duration of the study. 

  • Willing to commit to approximately 6 minutes of daily practice. 


This is a great opportunity to learn how to cope with your stress and discomforts, and to track the changes as you implement it. 


If you are interested in applying please click  >>here<< to go to the consent form and and initial questionnaire.   


The study is conducted by Britt Jorgensen, BodyIntuitive Master Practitioner, and it serves as input for her Ph.D. in Natural Medicine from Quantum University, USA. Please email with any questions.


This study is conducted by Britt Jorgensen, BodyIntuitive Master Practitioner, and it serves as input for her Ph.D. in Natural Medicine from Quantum University, US.

It is a research study to evaluate the efficacy of the self-care routine, Elemental Resets, to decrease stress and stress related related symptoms. 


Phase 1: No intervention. Questionnaire beginning and end.

Phase 2: Intervention: Two third of the participants will train in Elemental Reset and complete a daily practice of the Earth and Stress Mindset resets (approx. 6 min). The last third of participants will sit quietly with no distractions for 6 minutes a day. Weekly questionnaires for both groups.

Phase 3: Intervention optional - you can choose to continue your Elemental Reset routine. Questionnaire at the end.