You deserve to be all you can be. 

What is BodyTalk?


BodyTalk is a unique health care system that allows the body's systems to resynchronise so they can operate as nature intended. When a body is operating at its best, each system, cell, and atom is in constant communication with each other. But through the physical, emotional and environmental stress we all experience in our daily lives, these lines of communication can become compromised. This can lead to a decline in physical, emotional and mental health.


Using bio-muscular feedback to communicate with the body, we identify the imbalances that are a priority for you right now. Then, through a number of techniques which involve holding and light tapping, we help your body restore communication within itself. This process has profound and long-lasting positive effects.


The effectiveness and extraordinary results achieved by BodyTalk makes it one of the fastest growing health care system in the world today.

Who can benefit from BodyTalk?


Everyone can benefit from BodyTalk, and it can be used as general health maintenance or to improve conditions either alongside other treatments or as stand-alone. Conditions that typically improve with BodyTalk include:


Allergies - Digestive disorders - Back pain - Headaches/migraines - Learning and concentration disorders - Sports and other injuries - Stress - Hormonal disorders - Emotional disturbances - Pre-natal issues - Depression - Fears and phobias - Viruses - Infections - Before and after surgery


Because of its non-invasive nature it is very suitable for infants, and I am constantly amazed by the results with children and babies. Whether it's for general health maintenance which can assist a little person adjust to life, improve learning abilities and brain functionality, deal with concepts of separation or control, or for combating specific symptoms for babies and children such as: 



Allergies - Colic - Asthma - Eczema - Digestive disorders - Cough/cold/fever - Learning and concentrations disorders - Autism - Side effects from vaccinations.


BodyTalk is also very effective in relieving discomforts for pregnant woman such as: 


Back/pelvic/hip pain - Morning sickness - Constipation - Depression - Insomnia - Cramps - Fatigue - Stress/anxiety about the birth. Furthermore, BodyTalk has good results with conditions that might otherwise require caesarean sections such as placenta previa (placenta blocking baby's exit) and breech babies, and thereby helping women avoid the surgery.



A session takes approximately 45 minutes. It is completely safe, non-invasive and very relaxing. The number of sessions needed varies, but most people experience significant improvements after the first two to three sessions.




I draw on the latest research and developments in epigenetics, microbioms, neuroscience and quantum physics. I also incorporates elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine and ayurvedic systems and are influenced by Vedanta philosophy. 


The BodyTalk System was developed in the 1990s by Australian acupuncturist, Reiki master and chiropractor Dr John Veltheim. His extensive post graduate studies include applied kinesiology, bio energetic psychology, osteopathy, sports medicine, counselling, comparative philosophy and theology. A personal health crisis that no other health modalities could tackle lead Dr. Veltheim to develop the BodyTalk System combining the different modalities in a unique way.


In just a decade, BodyTalk has spread to over 40 countries and is taught in eight languages on all five continents. BodyTalk is new in Malaysia. Since March 2015 there are three practitioners in Malaysia.


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