The Tap-Tap Company is run by me, Britt Jorgensen, and I am a Holistic Health Practitioner. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Holistic Health Sciences from Quantum University, US, and have been practicing BodyTalk since 2006 (Adv. Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, and ParamaBP). In 2011 I started teaching BodyTalk Access and love to empower people to be proactive about their own health. I have previously practiced in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and London and have recently relocated to Hvalsø in my native Denmark. 

When I first encountered the BodyTalk System, it immediately resonated with me. I signed up to the practitioner training after the first BodyTalk session I ever had. BodyTalk has greatly enhanced my health and quality of life and I feel that I'm better at being me and meeting the challenges life throws me. I feel privileged to be able to assist other people on similar journeys.

I also have a passion for bringing BodyTalk to people who otherwise wouldn't find their way into the clinic, and that has lead me to work with charities and schools in the UK, Africa and Malaysia. In Malaysia I worked at a health clinic for  refugees for 3 1/2 years.

I came across BodyTalk when I was pregnant with my first born and using BodyTalk with my children is a blessing - being able to assist him in adjusting to life, learning to digest food, understanding the concepts of separation, starting school, dealing with the usual bumps and bruises etc. I love working with pregnant women, babies and children and I'm constantly amazed by the results.

I have always had an interest in the connection between body, mind and spirit, but I started my career down a different avenue working with the social sides of information technology. I hold a BA in Information Studies and Organisational Development & Business Strategy, and an MA in Information Studies. Prior to venturing into BodyTalk full time I worked with the NGO, OneWorld, on projects in Africa using mobile phones for social good. I have also worked in various Think Tanks on sustainable development, creativity and learning and as a freelance radio journalist.

I have attended seminars, workshops and conferences in the UK, Germany, US, Malta and Denmark including several courses with the founder of BodyTalk, John Veltheim, and I'm practicing BodyTalk to the highest level, PaRama Level. I am currently pursuing my doctorate degree in Natural Medicine at Quantum University, US.