Whole-person Healthcare.

Your body is talking to you.

Are you listening?

Klinik Epione

Healthcare designed by your body.


BodyTalk gives you more energy, makes you recover faster from pain, disease and imbalances and become more resilient to illness and stress. It works by restoring the body's own ability to heal. 

Is BodyTalk for me?

Everyone can benefit from improving the communication within their body. BodyTalk can be used as general health maintenance or to improve specific conditions either alongside other treatments or as stand-alone. Conditions that typically improve with BodyTalk include:


  • allergies

  • back/shoulder/neck/knee/wrist/elbow pain and stiffness

  • headaches and migraines

  • stress

  • insomnia

  • digestive disorders and IBS

  • sports injuries

  • learning and concentration disorders

  • hormonal disorders

  • depression and anxiety

  • arthritis

  • low energy levels and chronic fatigue

  • fertility

  • and pre-natal issues.

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Britt Toksvig Jorgensen

is a holistic therapist living and practicing in Hvalsø, Denmark. She also offers distance sessions. 


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I have recently relocated from Kuala Lumpur to my native Denmark. 


I am available for distance sessions and in person session in Hvalsø, Denmark. 

Britt in the press

"All physical complaints disappeared within hours of treatment. More surprising has been my change in mood: I feel increasingly clear-headed, light-chested, optimistic and energetic, as if the white noise of 21st-century urban life has been switched off in my head."




“I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago at the age of 38. I sought Britt's help straight away, knowing she had helped a few people close to me already with great results. To start with I needed to find a way to deal with all the emotions cancer brings with it. As the treatment went on it took a greater toll on my body physically; I really believe the Body Talk sessions helped me to deal with all the emotions as well as helping my body deal with all the chemicals that were injected into me. A few times before my chemo I felt really down in the dumps but after the session I felt like a million dollars - full of optimism and energy so I had the energy for family life with four young children. My doctors and other patients commented all the way through my treatment how well I looked and how well I was coping. Thank you, Britt"


Rikke, UK




"I arrived to my first BodyTalk session physically enervated and emotionally overwhelmed, feeling that I was reacting to life rather than living it. I cannot say that I really understand how the treatment works, but over the subsequent weeks, Britt’s patient sessions brought out substantial transformation from within me. The results were so effective I could scarcely believe it – I began to feel more active, positive, balanced and energetic. Unexpected, unfathomable, incredible – BodyTalk and the Tap-Tap Company have been more effective that I ever dared to hope."


Darren, London




"Dearest Britt, Thank you so much the work you did on me. My power and health are better than ever, I feel so excited about my work and life with my daughter. I have not felt this good or focused in years!!! You are a natural intuitive and have a true gift.
Thank you, dearest Britt"


Sundara, yoga teacher, New York City


"Hi Britt, it is my 64th birthday and I am writing to tell you that I feel happy on my birthday for the first time in decades - and It is very much connected with my Bodytalk therapy. Of that I am sure."


Zayda, London



"I'm writing to you as our two year-old daughter has started to faint when she has tantrums. It has happened four times in the last two weeks. Our GP says that it is "normal" and that she will grow out of it, but it is very disturbing to experience - she stops breathing, turns blue in the face and then gets all floppy...."

"It is now three months since Luna had one distance session, and there has not been any incident of fainting since, which we are very happy about. She has been much calmer and more balanced generally. It is hard to describe but it is very noticeable for us as her parents."


Anne Henriksen, Denmark




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